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Literární věda

 The Picaresque Novel in Western Literature: From the Sixteenth Century to the Neopicaresque J. A. Garrid 9781108431873 Cambridge University Press
Explores picaresque fiction across ages and cultures, providing a revealing and fresh examination of this literary genre.
cena: 852
The Picaresque Novel in Western Literature: From the Sixteenth Century to the Neopicaresque
 Gold from the Stone: New and Selected Poems Sissay, Lemn 9781782119456 Canons
New work and old favourites from national treasure and one of Britain's most exciting poets, Lemn Sissay
cena: 338
Gold from the Stone: New and Selected Poems
 The Cambridge Companion to Transnational American Literature Yogita Goyal   9781107448384 Cambridge University Press
For two decades, the 'transnational turn' in literary studies has generated enormous comment and controversy. This Companion provides a comprehensive account of the scope, impact, and critical possibilities of the transnational turn in American literary studies. It situates the study of American literature in relation to ethnic, postcolonial, and hemispheric studies. Leading scholars open up...
cena: 653
The Cambridge Companion to Transnational American Literature
 Bodies Franzmann, Vivienne 9781848426597
Purchased from Russia. Developed in India. Delivered to the UK. A global transaction over nine months that offers 'a lifetime of happiness' for all involved. What do you think will happen to a baby girl in India that nobody wants?
cena: 338
 So Glad I'm Me Lumsden, Roddy 9781780373706
Tenth collection by one of Britain's leading poets.
cena: 337
So Glad I'm Me
 Samuel Beckett's Library Dirk Va Mark Nixon 9781316632819 Cambridge University Press
Samuel Beckett's Library critically examines the reading notes and marginalia contained in the books of Samuel Beckett's surviving library in Paris. Previously inaccessible to scholars, this is the first study to assess the importance of the marginalia, inscriptions, and other manuscript notes in the 750 volumes of the library. Setting the library into context with other manuscript material such...
cena: 716
Samuel Beckett's Library
 Black Shiver Moss Mort, Graham 9781781723869
Graham Mort's masterly 10th collection of poetry, Black Shiver Moss (Seren), is packed with poems about his native northern counties of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria, as well as stunning evocations of elsewhere: Africa, Southern Spain, France, Italy. A prize-winning short story author as well as a poet, Mort's rich, concentrated style thrives on detailed observations of the natural...
cena: 338
Black Shiver Moss
 Ten: Poets of the New Generation 0 9781780373829
Third anthology from the Complete Works project showcasing the work of ten exciting British poets from diverse backgrounds.
cena: 337
Ten: Poets of the New Generation
 Classic Love Poems 0 9781849539685 Love

I arise from dreams of thee
In the first sweet sleep of night,
When the winds are breathing low,
And the stars are shining bright.

I arise from dreams of thee,
And a spirit in my feet
Hath led me - who knows how? -
To thy chamber window, Sweet

Percy Bysshe Shelley

The best...

cena: 338
Classic Love Poems
 Undying: A Love Story Faber, Michel 9781782118565
'Michel Faber addressed these love poems to his wife after her death. They are lucid, tender and wise, and they pulse with this fine writer's intelligence' - Ian McEwan
cena: 338
Undying: A Love Story
 Glory on Earth McLean, Linda 9781848426757
A gripping historical drama about the conflict between the Catholic Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots and protestant reformer John Knox.
cena: 338
Glory on Earth
 The Bees Duffy, Carol Ann 9781509852925
cena: 338
The Bees
 Alice in Winterland Egdell, Julie 9780995563599
cena: 278
Alice in Winterland
 Better Houses  0 9781912109661
Better Houses charts Susie Wild's moves, every six months to two years, from childhood to adult life with and wonder. In a state of constant displacement, she flits from tents and gypsy caravans to a short- lived stint at boarding school, from lodgings and house sitting to a two-floor rental she can finally call home.
cena: 308
Better Houses
 Three Sisters Chekhov, Anton 9780571334919
I don't know what it is I'm going to do but I'm going to do something. I'm going to be someone. I am I'm sick of just being me. I'm going to be someone else. Someone better. I'm going to make a difference. Three sisters, Orla, Marianne and Erin, dream of escaping their tedious suburban lives for a fresh start in America. It is Erin's eighteenth birthday and, as the sun shines and guests...
cena: 338
Three Sisters
 Queen Anne (New Edition) Edmundson, Helen 9781848426665
Published alongside the West End transfer of the hit RSC production.
cena: 338
Queen Anne (New Edition)
 The Mentor Kehlmann, Daniel 9780571339648
Benjamin Rubin is a cantankerous old writer, whisky aficionado and pedant, still basking in the reflected glory of long-ago success. Martin Wegner is a rising young literary star, heralded as 'the voice of his generation'. When Martin is given the opportunity to develop his new play under the mentorship of his idol, the writers meet in a dilapidated art-nouveau villa somewhere in the German...
cena: 338
The Mentor
 The Other Country Duffy, Carol Ann 9781509852932
cena: 338
The Other Country
 Composition in White  Litherland, S. J. 9780995767508
cena: 278
Composition in White
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