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 Job Readiness Handbook Sandra J. Jones 9781628716153 Xulon Press
If you need help in preparing to enter into the workforce or with job search assistance, this is the book for you. The training methodology has been proven and accredited to the success of the author in assisting underemployed job seekers who have been deemed hard to employ. The material may be used by anyone desiring to prepare for employment in the United States of America. SANDRA J. JONES is a...
cena: 294
Job Readiness Handbook
 Offering of Love: Daily Devotionals for 31 Days Exhorter Clark 9781495918391 Createspace
Offering of Love offers daily devotionals for 31 days. Currently there are five published books in the "Come Let Us Reason Together" Devotional Teaching Series written by Exhorter Clark. This Devotional Teaching Series is more than just "feel good" devotionals. Each page is full of loving encouragement, discipline, guidance and Truth for God's children. Each devotional is followed by a short...
cena: 233
Offering of Love: Daily Devotionals for 31 Days
 Going Astray Theodore Kalivoda 9781449722227 WestBow Press
cena: 536
Going Astray
 Abundant Love Le-Ming Yuan Fei Yu 9781493562206 Createspace
PROMOTION: For limited time only, a free electronic copy of this book will be available to you, if you send a request to This book is translated from a Christian story book written by Le-Ming Yuan in Chinese. This book is selected for translation, because 1) it is a Christian story book, 2) the stories are very interesting. Note(7/25/2016): 1. This book is proofread and...
cena: 405
Abundant Love
 Mark: A Scribe for Peter's Testimony Dr Jim Hastings 9781501075018 Createspace
The Book of Mark, found in the New Testament, is the shortest of the four Gospels. Why is it so short? What is left out of the story and why? In this commentary, Dr. Hastings explains the reason for Mark's letter. In addition, the wonderful truths are explained in everyday language for the everyday person This book can be used for either personal or group Bible studies in the book of Mark
cena: 355
Mark: A Scribe for Peter's Testimony
 Instant Changes for Your Life Bode Odewale 9781449064013 Authorhouse
This book is written to help those who are hopeless, who are in poblems and difficulties of this time. I had been there before and I know what you are going through now! That is the reason why God inspired me to write this book, in order to educate you and gives you some tactics of breakthrough. I want to tell you, you can do it, you can make it, you can achieve you dream, you can succeed and you...
cena: 343
Instant Changes for Your Life
 Fragrance of God's Love Marcia Beverly Armstead 9781572586093 Teach Services
Marcia Armstead's life has taken many twists and turns, but through it all, God has been right by her side, even if she did not accept His guidance and direction in her early years. As we walk through life, different individuals make a significant impact on us. In Fragrance of God's Love, Marcia shares her life story, her struggles and her triumphs and thanks the individuals that have influenced...
cena: 426
Fragrance of God's Love
 Isg 43: A Guide to Leadership Titre Ande 9780281062072 Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
This book contains contributions from church leaders around the globe expounding good Christian-leadership qualities. It is written in a clear and reflective style to help you to make the very best of your leadership abilities, whether you are just beginning to think about a leadership role, are in training or are already a leader.
cena: 634
Isg 43: A Guide to Leadership
 Hello, Mommy Tina Stickles 9781512749755 WestBow Press

Single mom, Cassie Larson, is in over her head with her two juvenile delinquent sons. With the love and support of her best friend, Janet, new friend, Jordan, and her faith, she holds on to God's promises.

Chris and Steven have rejected their mother's Christian teaching. They smoke, use drugs, and spiral out of control. Steven cuts himself and blows off the people he cares about....

cena: 536
Hello, Mommy
 The Life of St. Dominic Augustus T. Drane 9780895553362 T A N Books & Publishers
There are few biographies of St. Dominic that exist in English, but this is by far the best. For Augusta Theodoria Drane gives here a rendition of his life, his times, his many miracles and the founding of his order that captures the spirit of the Saint that was Dominic Guzman-a man raised up by God to convert heretics, to save countless souls, and to found an order which would send a spritual...
cena: 429
The Life of St. Dominic
 The American Apocalypse: Is the United States in Bible Prophecy? Terry James 9780736925051 Harvest House Publishers
Does America-the most powerful nation on Earth-appear in Bible prophecy? Some people believe the United States will be wiped out in a nuclear attack. Others say it's where the Antichrist will rise. And many people wonder what life will be like in America during the seven-year Tribulation. But what can we know for sure? And what events are setting the stage for the last days, not only in America...
cena: 457
The American Apocalypse: Is the United States in Bible Prophecy?
 Management by Proverbs Michael Zigarelli 9781607910176 Xulon Press
Whether you're an assembly line supervisor, a church pastor, a school principal, or the CEO of a multinational corporation, the Old Testament Book of Proverbs offers timeless principles for leadership success. Management by Proverbs explores twenty-five of these principles with incisive commentary, dozens of contemporary examples, and plenty of practical, road-tested advice. Join Dr. Michael...
cena: 527
Management by Proverbs
 Thinking Outside the Box... about Love Donna Kasik 9781935434009 Greenwinefamilybooks
Kasik reflects on her experiences working as a chaplain in a veterans hospital.
cena: 419
Thinking Outside the Box... about Love
 The Atom of Creation of Planet Earth and Its Humanity: And the Evolution of Both MS D. Ella R. Chase 9781438992372 Authorhouse
The order of the old world has ended and a new one has been born. Please rest assured that the world is not about to end, just because a few extremist are saying so. The Author of this book, has lived through many of the fears of similar extremist, who seemed to say what they would do if they were God. The real God, has no form and no pronoun and does not live in a Mansion, and, not about to take...
cena: 406
The Atom of Creation of Planet Earth and Its Humanity: And the Evolution of Both
 I Was Tired Today Rev Marsha Brown Woodar 9781889819358 Brown Bridges
In the 1980's when the author was ordained as a minister there were very few African American women in that role. That has changed during the past 30 years and this book gives you an inspiring glimpse into what it takes to persevere and build a successful career in the ministry. Throughout the book there are opportunities for the reader to stop and think about what they have read. These places...
cena: 332
I Was Tired Today
 A History of Heaven: The Singing Silence Jeffrey Burton Russell 9780691006840 Princeton University Press

Well-known for his historical accounts of Satan and hell, Jeffrey Burton Russell here explores the brighter side of eternity: heaven. Dispensing with the cliche images of goodness that can make even heaven seem unbearable, the author stimulates our imagination with a history of how the joy of paradise has been conceived by writers, philosophers, and artists for whom heaven was an imminent...

cena: 794
A History of Heaven: The Singing Silence
 Life Lessons from Proverbs: Using the Book of Proverbs to Help You Get Along with People. Jack Nordgren 9781500252434 Createspace
My Father was a very wise man. He got his wisdom from the Bible. His name was George Nordgren. My father told me that he read a chapter from Psalms and Proverbs every day. He told me, Psalms help you learn how to get along with God and Proverbs help you learn how to get along with man. One of his most quoted verses from Proverbs was Proverbs 4:11 in the Living Bible. It says, "I would have you...
cena: 282
Life Lessons from Proverbs: Using the Book of Proverbs to Help You Get Along with People.
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