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 O Livro Aberto Michael Laitman 9781508717041 Createspace
O Livro Aberto apresenta os principios da antiga sabedoria cientifica da Cabala autentica, juntamente com explicacoes sobre as suas regras basicas. A Cabala e um metodo pratico para superar os limites dos sentidos e adquirir um novo sentido que abre a porta para o mundo espiritual, enquanto ainda vivendo neste mundo. Rav Laitman explica claramente o que se passa nos bastidores do desenvolvimento...
cena: 278
O Livro Aberto
 The Singing Traveler: Songs from the Heart Dale Davis 9780692613795 Dale Davis
The writer of Psalms 119 is praying and pleading to find relief from his troubles and his enemies. Through it all, he has traveled many paths and knows the Word of God is the theme of his song. He says, "I sing God's Word as I travel on these earthly roads." Reading, studying, memorizing, obeying, loving and singing God's Word is what we must do as we continue to travel on our journey we call...
cena: 398
The Singing Traveler: Songs from the Heart
 Anamatus Derrick Tribble 9781523260218 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 422
 After Grief Recovery: Weekly Grief Work Devotional Jc Grace 9781535238809 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Daily Grief Work Devotional "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." -Matthew 5:4 Death, loss, and the grief that follows will happen to everyone. Moving on after the death of a loved one requires a strong personal relationship with God. This seven week Christian grief work devotional uses biblical stories and scripture to strengthen your relationship with Christ after loss....
cena: 224
After Grief Recovery: Weekly Grief Work Devotional
 The A.M. God Scott E. Byorum 9781425106966 Trafford Publishing
It is estimated that there are 19 major religions in the world with approximately 270 subdivisions and thousands of smaller groups. Many religions have changed over the millennia and some no longer exist. Each claims salvation of the human soul, or something equivalent, and most extol themselves as the one true religion? the religion that the one true god wants His followers to practice.
cena: 450
The A.M. God
 Space for Grace: Creating Inclusive Churches Giles Goddard 9781853119163 CANTERBURY PRESS NORWICH
'Inclusive' is a term that is most closely associated with questions of human sexuality, but in relation to theology and to local church life it has many more dimensions which this book explores. Like so many others, the church of which Giles Goddard is rector was, fifty years ago, almost exclusively white, middle class and male-led. As the local community became more diverse, change was...
cena: 659
Space for Grace: Creating Inclusive Churches
 Get Off That Fence! Time Is Running Out - Which Side Are You On? Lorrie L. Timbs 9781432709433 Outskirts Press

We're living in the last days, so you must make a choice
There are many who are not ready for Christ's return. This book exposes common deceptive practices that Satan uses to keep you off balance, by steering you away from the absolute truth.
cena: 421
Get Off That Fence! Time Is Running Out - Which Side Are You On?
 Aguinaldos Virginia Nylander Ebinger 9780865346895 SUNSTONE PRESS,US
"Aguinaldos y villancicos, recetas, tradiciones de Navidad"-songs, recipes, and traditions of Christmas from the nineteen Spanish-speaking countries of Middle and South America, as well as from the one state that is officially bi-lingual, are included in this well-researched book. There is a wealth of Christmas music, much of it unknown to North Americans, with tunes and guitar chords, words and...
cena: 673
 The Shadow of His Hand: When Life Disappoints, You Can Rest in God's Comfort and Grace Judith Couchman 9781578560929 Waterbrook Press
Identifies God's closeness despite the disappointments and challenges of life, in a volume that recounts the author's own experiences with unfulfilled dreams.--This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.
cena: 398
The Shadow of His Hand: When Life Disappoints, You Can Rest in God's Comfort and Grace
 How to Pray: Alone, with Others, at Any Time, in Any Place Stephen Cottrell 9780715142226 0
How to Pray is a basic primer on prayer. It will get you started, keep you going and uses every stage of life and its varied events to renew and expand your understanding of being alive to God. Completely honest about the struggles and difficulties everyone encounters, it will help you discover how natural prayer is, even when you least feel like it. With his characteristic humour and realism,...
cena: 381
How to Pray: Alone, with Others, at Any Time, in Any Place
 Unconditional Love: Love from Your Heart to Mine. Larry Spates 9781497590755 Createspace
Unconditional love will open your heart two new ways of communicating your love and appreciations in present and future friendships, dating, and commitment of marriage. Many questions about love and happiness have been addressed in this book, it will help you follow God plan, and his will for your life. It will give you answers to questions about a current relationship. Help you resolve issues...
cena: 278
Unconditional Love: Love from Your Heart to Mine.
 If I Never Speak Again Sharice Taylor 9781496914590 Authorhouse
cena: 445
If I Never Speak Again
 Westminster Systematics: Comments and Notes on the Westminster Confession Douglas Wilson   9781591281771 Canon Press
God tells stories a particular way. You see a dragon, and look for St. George. You see tyranny, and look for...Calvinists. The Westminster Confession of Faith comes from the turbulent period of the English Civil Wars, and its architects lived through events that raised armies, overturned governments, and beheaded a king. In this introduction to systematic theology, Douglas Wilson takes the...
cena: 362
Westminster Systematics: Comments and Notes on the Westminster Confession
 From Ann Margret to Battle Stations: Life Aboard a Carrier During Viet Nam MR Don Horne 9780615432816 Horne Publishing
Based on life aboard the carrier Kitty Hawk during Viet Nam, it is a fictional story based on real life experiences. The shipboard story is continued over into the main character's life after the Navy, and tells of his college years.
cena: 301
From Ann Margret to Battle Stations: Life Aboard a Carrier During Viet Nam
 The Life of Christ: Chinese Paintings with Bible Stories (Simplified Chinese Edition) Nonny Hsueh Ehgbooks                                 Luke Chen 9781625031716 Ehgbooks
This English title is an Art Collection made by the Chinese Artist Yuan-Du Chen in Peking in (Beijing China) 1930s with 24 Chinese Paintings associated with 24 Bible Stories in both English and Chinese. In 1844, The Qing Dynasty China signed the Sino-French Treaty of Whampoa, it clearly defined to allow missionary freedom with the establishment of the church free which resolved the ban. Hence,...
cena: 182
The Life of Christ: Chinese Paintings with Bible Stories (Simplified Chinese Edition)
 Legacy of Faith Becky Croasmun 9781462035878
In August of 1936, Max and Emily Bernhiem and their 5 children boarded a boat to Hong Kong, and eventually on to the Yunan Province of China. With very little money, the support of a small independent church in Spokane, WA, they set out on a mission from God, to spread the message of the gospel. Illness, another child, constant struggle, minimal support and eventual martyrdom awaited the...
cena: 472
Legacy of Faith
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