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 The Merger: The Synergy of the Blood and the Cross Rick Sink 9781543135541 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Synergy is when the result is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergy is created when things work in concert together to create an outcome that is in some way of more value than the total of what each individual instrument inputs. The Blood and Cross contain this power. The designed beauty of synergy is that it serves only to add, never subtract. A merger is the combination of two things. This...
cena: 376
The Merger: The Synergy of the Blood and the Cross
 Loving Losing & Living: Second Edition Lashonda Smalls McElveen 9781512768664 WestBow Press

, Loving, Losing, and Living tells of the author's personal testimony of the rainbow after the storm. The winds started to blow as the author watched a rolling car crash into she and her family while she sat in the rear of the car. The babies in their car seats right beside her. The rain fell as she jumped out of the back window and ran to the driver's side. The lightening flashed as...

cena: 482
Loving Losing & Living: Second Edition
 Homiletica Basica Dr Jorge J. Vasquez 9781543116847 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Sinopsis del Libro Este libro ofrece informacion y conocimientos practicos para aquellos pastores y predicadores que quieren mejorar sus habilidades de oratoria dentro del contexto cristiano evangelico y pentecostal. Este libro es un excelente instrumento para la preparacion de predicadores en las iglesias locales.
cena: 207
Homiletica Basica
 Queer Virtue: What Lgbtq People Know about Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity Elizabeth M. Edman 9780807059081 Beacon Press
LGBTQ people are a gift to the Church and have the potential to revitalize Christianity.

As an openly lesbian Episcopal priest and professional advocate for LGBTQ justice, the Reverend Elizabeth Edman has spent her career grappling with the core tenets of her faith. After deep reflection on her tradition, Edman is struck by the realization that her queer identity has taught her more...

cena: 459
Queer Virtue: What Lgbtq People Know about Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity
 Smart Compassion: A Handbook for Making a Difference When You Don't Know Where to Start Wesley Furlong 9781513801803 Herald Press (VA)

Now you've read the book on smart compassion. Ready to live it out?

Through this six-session guide, learn how to move from "doing outreach" to living out smart compassion. Offers discussion questions, action points, and biblical reflections about the three aspects of smart compassion needed for families and neighborhoods to flourish. Designed for small groups, Christian education...

cena: 286
Smart Compassion: A Handbook for Making a Difference When You Don't Know Where to Start
 Urfi - Life & Poems Urfi                                     Paul Smith 9781543094909 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
URFI: LIFE & POEMS Translation & Introduction by Paul Smith URFI (1555-1591) lived in Shiraz until he was twenty-six and had become disfigured in the face from small-pox he had six years earlier. Embarrassed in front of friends and relatives he decided to go to India and arrived in the Deccan in 1582 and from there went to Agra where he met the Khan-i-Khanan (Rahim) and became one of his group of...
cena: 350
Urfi - Life & Poems
 Sister 2 Sister Debbie Lavender 9781545187494 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Sister 2 Sister is a ladies' devotional collection designed to inspire your heart and deepen your love for God's Word.

Debbie Lavender's passion is mentoring women. From speaking at women's retreats to teaching Sunday School for over 25 years, she has used her gifts to remind women that a life lived faithfully studying God's Word is a life lived to its fullest.

Years ago, Debbie began...

cena: 311
Sister 2 Sister
 El Camino de La Seda: Los Rompimientos Internos Francisco J. Figueroa 9781543057348 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Como entender el dolor?, Como trabajar los quebrantamientos internos?, Como Dios utiliza los procesos de rompimientos?
cena: 298
El Camino de La Seda: Los Rompimientos Internos
 All Souls' Forget-Me-Not: For the Solace of the Poor Souls in Purgatory Rev Louis Gemminger Canon Moser Mediatrix Press 9781543042146 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

The All Souls' Forget-me-not is the book for all those devoted to the souls in Purgatory. -Why, - the author asks, -does this little prayer-book take its name from the simple flower, the Forget-me-not? Why do they remind one of those poor, forgotten and often neglected souls? The forget-me-not grows in marshy places, by the banks of rivers and streams. And is not Purgatory a dismal swamp...

cena: 558
All Souls' Forget-Me-Not: For the Solace of the Poor Souls in Purgatory
 Seminary Papers: Part One Rev Terrence S. Dwyer 9781543003451 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This book contains many of the papers I wrote during my divinity school studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. Part One includes papers on Church History, Old Testament studies, New Testament studies, and New Testament exegesis.
cena: 290
Seminary Papers: Part One
 What Can Be Known about God...: A Collection of Scripture and Scenery in Praise of Our Creator Phillip a. Foste 9781542969604 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
What can be known about God is evident in all His creation. Discover just some of what the creation has to say in this collection of scenic pictures and Scripture. May you be filled with awe and wonder at the promises of our Creator as you reflect upon all He has made.
cena: 350
What Can Be Known about God...: A Collection of Scripture and Scenery in Praise of Our Creator
 Heretics G. K. Chesterton 9781545252604 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 246
 The Battlefield: A Baptist Awakening Cassandra Carter 9781535602006 Wavecloud Corporation

We are a people learning to become more adaptive to the will and plan of God. In the Christian life, we are a chosen people with God given authority, promises, with talents and gifts. My awakening to God's divine truths and power gave me the insight to change my living habits and circumstances to match the love, care and compassion of my Heavenly Father. My faith journey invites you to share,...

cena: 266
The Battlefield: A Baptist Awakening
 God's Amazing Grace: Don't Be a False Convert! Roy a. Carmack 9781542909082 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Hello I've been a born again believer in Jesus Christ for 35 years. I didn't realize that I was a false convert setting in church every Sunday thinking I was going to Heaven when I died because I was a good person. Boy was I wrong about that Don't let this happen to you There is a lot of confusion about what it is to be born again. Surveys taken in the United States of America have shown that...
cena: 297
God's Amazing Grace: Don't Be a False Convert!
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