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 Opus Postscriptum John O'Loughlin 9781511444118
This title is comprised of material that was drafted in standard word processor and subsequently copied to one of John O'Loughlin's blog sites for enlargement or revision, which in turn was then fed back into the original drafts. Less aphoristic in overall character than his usual approach to philosophy, it is nevertheless highly philosophical in its treatment of a variety of subjects common to...
cena: 430
Opus Postscriptum
 Elemental Spectra John O'Loughlin 9781500559304
Dating from 1988-9, this work investigates the significance of the four basic elements, viz. air, fire, water and earth, with regard to a variety of different disciplinary contexts, including science, politics, economics and religion, and then seeks to draw ideological and moral lessons from the apperceived correlations. Of additional significance in relation to the Elements are the relationships...
cena: 324
Elemental Spectra
 Magnus Dei John O'Loughlin 9781502774378
With a title that is obviously a pun on 'Agnus Dei', this eighteenth example of John O'Loughlin's cyclical philosophy expands on 'The Right to Sanity' (2000), its immediate predecessor, to embrace a deeper analysis of the distinction between 'right' and 'wrong', or immorality and morality, and does so in relation to a number of dichotomous contexts, including sensuality and sensibility,...
cena: 205
Magnus Dei
 Beyond Imagination John O'Loughlin 9781502554420
cena: 205
Beyond Imagination
 Unflattering Conclusions John O'Loughlin 9781505725650
This title does not paint a particularly flattering picture of Anglo-American relations vis-a-vis Europe as a whole and the world in general, but strives to show not merely how but why the United Kingdom is a problem for Europe and the prospect of greater European integration. However, all problems tend to invite solutions, and the author's own solution to the problem of the UK vis-a-vis Europe...
cena: 205
Unflattering Conclusions
 Opti-Mystic Projections John O'Loughlin 9781505627428
Although structurally and thematically similar to 'At the Crossroads of Axial Divergence' (2003), comprised, as ever, of aphoristic notes, this work represents a quantum leap forward in certain areas which are explored more accurately and rigorously by the author than before, progressing from a consideration of the distinctions between sacred and profane ego to the cultural and political...
cena: 205
Opti-Mystic Projections
 Post-Atomic Perspectives John O'Loughlin 9781500275921
cena: 241
Post-Atomic Perspectives
 Opus D'Oeuvre John O'Loughlin 9781502788047
With subjects that range from modern architecture and myth to the relationship of sensuality to sensibility in the evolution of media technology, this book is sufficiently variegated to be of general interest even if it didn't also contain material that expands on its predecessor, 'Magnus Dei' (2001) - as, for example, race - and is instantly recognizable in relation to the nature and development...
cena: 205
Opus D'Oeuvre
 Limitless John O'Loughlin 9781512381924
With this publication the author has added a third title to those written in 2012 but, unlike the previous two, 'From Superfluous Man to Superman' and 'Philosophic Flights of Poetic Fancy', this project has not had any of its contents published in prior blog format, having been written on a fairly consistent basis during the last three months of 2012 with a view to the production of a literary...
cena: 205
 Trees John O'Loughlin 9781500452643
It would seem that John O'Loughlin adds ten poems to each new volume of poetry; for this collection has some fifty-four poems, dating from 1985, which carry on, both stylistically and thematically, from approximately where those in 'The Modern Death' (1984) leave off, with, if anything, a slightly deeper metaphysical and ideological bias. The title derives, as usual, from one of the poems, and...
cena: 205
 Supercrossed John O'Loughlin 9781514866962
Even by John O'Loughlin's unique structurally-exacting philosophical standards, as exemplified not least by the previous two titles 'Atoms and Pseudo-Atoms in Subatomic Perspective' and 'Stations of the Supercross', this is an exceptionally-demanding work, the logical comprehensiveness of which actually surpasses, on a more radical basis, the best of what has already been achieved in the...
cena: 205
 Evolution John O'Loughlin 9781500441999
The sixteen prose poems in this modest collection should ideally be suited to those who prefer their poetry prosy and mainly concerned with philosophical issues or, at any rate, with a philosophical treatment of issues and subjects which could be treated more frivolously if one lacked the intellectual machinery and moral insight with which to tackle them in this particular way. One suspects that...
cena: 201
 A True Extremism John O'Loughlin 9781500416188
This collection of short prose puts John O'Loughlin's ideological philosophy of Social Transcendentalism (as explained in the book by the same title) through a literary prism, as we explore a variety of interrelated themes from a loosely fictional standpoint. In fact politics, whether or not associated with a correlative mode of sexuality (as in his novella entitled 'The Politics of Sexuality'),...
cena: 323
A True Extremism
 A Selfish Man John O'Loughlin 9781500327729
cena: 322
A Selfish Man
 Millennial Projections John James O'Loughlin 9781500219062
This substantial literary project, dating from 1982, is comprised of some sixteen short-prose pieces with subjects ranging from musical evolution to Christmas trees, Black Holes to Esperanto, and space travel to modern art. Of this number, the author's most outstanding work is undoubtedly the title piece, a fantasy projection into a millennial future in which we enter the mind of a 'superman' who...
cena: 270
Millennial Projections
 Evaluations and Revaluations John O'Loughlin 9781500478926
Although arguably a relatively minor work in itself, this volume of essayistic aphorisms and/or aphoristic notes by John O'Loughlin is nevertheless significant inasmuch as it signifies his first real attempt to approach and develop Truth, or metaphysical knowledge, from a consistently aphoristic, not to say, ideological angle, and may be regarded as a harbinger of those so-called...
cena: 198
Evaluations and Revaluations
 The Apocalypso Quartet John O'Loughlin 9781523312344
Following on from 'The Virtuous Circles Quartet' (2003), this 'quartet' of philosophical writings brings into one chronologically convenient volume 'Apocalypso - The New Revelation', 'At the Crossroads of Axial Divergence', 'Opti-mystic Projections', and 'Unflattering Conclusions', all of which are also independently available as free-standing titles in both e-book and paperback formats. Brought...
cena: 301
The Apocalypso Quartet
 The Virtuous Circles John O'Loughlin 9781505201581
cena: 205
The Virtuous Circles
 Towards the Supernoumenon John O'Loughlin 9781500544294
Carrying on from where 'From Materialism to Idealism' (1986) leaves off, this volume of supernotes, or loosely aphoristic material, is more intensely philosophical than its predecessor, as it introduces to the fourfold structures already established the concept of devolutionary/evolutionary antitheses into historical development, coupling this to an investigation of certain key...
cena: 324
Towards the Supernoumenon
It must be said, in relation to the title of this book, that if we are to accept a Last Judgement, we are obliged to acknowledge a First Judgement; for no less than God the Father logically obliges us to come to terms with the contrary existence of Devil the Mother, so Judgement, conceived in this fashion, compels us to distinguish between alpha and omega, metachemistry and metaphysics, in terms...
cena: 205
The Last Judgement