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 Running Hard: The Story of Rivalry Steve Chilton 9781910985946 Sandstone Press Ltd
For one brilliant season in 1983 the sport of fell running was dominated by the two huge talents of John Wild and Kenny Stuart. Together they destroyed the record book, only determining who was top by a few seconds in the last race of the season.
Running Hard: The Story of Rivalry
 Dmitry Rybolovlev: The Man Behind Monaco's Football Renaissance  9781785902949 Biteback Publishing
The story of the man who rescued AS Monaco and turned it into a giant of European football.
cena: 609
Dmitry Rybolovlev: The Man Behind Monaco's Football Renaissance
 A Ringside Affair: Boxing's Last Golden Age James Lawton 9781472945631 Bloomsbury Sport

For nearly three decades--throughout boxing's most engrossing era from 1977 through 2002--James Lawton was ringside, covering every significant bout, spending time with the likes of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hitman Hearns, Roberto Duran, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield, and many other great fighters.

Lawton found himself captivated by...

cena: 639
A Ringside Affair: Boxing's Last Golden Age
 Match of the Day Annual 2018 Various 9781785942051 BBC Books
From the UK's number 1 footy magazine, the very best footy annual is back! Crammed full with fun football trivia, quizzes, games, puzzles, top 10s, cartoons and more, this is the only annual fans of the beautiful game will need.
cena: 278
Match of the Day Annual 2018
 Reeds Astro Navigation Tables 2018 Andy D 9781472946584 Thomas Reed Publications

Reeds Astro Navigation Tables is a compilation of annual astro-navigation tables containing all the information the ocean-going sailor needs (without the bulk) in order to navigate by the sun, moon, planets, and stars. This book, together with a sextant, will enable sailors to navigate confidently and safely when out of the sight of land--a critical skill if the boat electronics fail....

cena: 827
Reeds Astro Navigation Tables 2018
 How to Win  9781783351244 Faber & Faber
What separates the good from the truly great players? How do football managers get the best out of their team? How do you come back from a crushing defeat to win? In an inspirational, funny and thought-provoking new book, The Secret Footballer teams up with The Secret Psychologist to crack the secrets of success and share with us the tricks and tips that keep the top players at the top of their...
cena: 308
How to Win
 Running: Cheaper Than Therapy: A Celebration of Running Chas Newkey-Burden 9781472948830 Bloomsbury Sport

From fantastic running quotes ("How do you know if someone ran a marathon? Don't worry, they'll tell you." -Jimmy Fallon) and hilarious spectator signs ("Worst parade ever ") to witty profiles of different types of runners (street fundraisers, gadget gurus) and training tips, Running: Cheaper than Therapy is designed to be the perfect gift for the runner, jogger, or triathlete in your...

Running: Cheaper Than Therapy: A Celebration of Running
 Bridge Secrets Collins 9780008250478 HarperCollins UK
This book is split into short, concise and easy-to-follow tips that will help to improve all aspects of your game and strategy. They reveal how to play a good defensive hand, how to devise a bidding system, what you can read from an opponent's play, plus lots more. The beautifully decorated pages and luxury pocket style make this book something a little bit special. With it by your side you'll...
cena: 248
Bridge Secrets
 Sports Coaching: The Basics Laura G. Purdy 9781138890879 Routledge
cena: 2902
Sports Coaching: The Basics
 Basc Handbook of Shooting: An Introduction to the Sporting Shotgun  9781846892486 Quiller Publishing Ltd.
Now in its seventh edition, extensively revised and expanded, The BASC Handbook of Shooting covers shotgun safety, the basic rules of gun handling in the field, while travelling and at home.
cena: 608
Basc Handbook of Shooting: An Introduction to the Sporting Shotgun
 In the Zone: How Champions Think and Win Big Clyde Brolin 9781911274827 Blink Publishing
How did Novak Djokovic and Nadia Comaneci peak as the world watched? How did Michael Phelps and Jessica Ennis-Hill see into their own future? How do champions suppress their fear of failure and find the belief to win? Can the greats even bend time and space when they push to the limit? What separates those who live their dreams from those who don't? What exactly is "The Zone," and how do you get...
cena: 561
In the Zone: How Champions Think and Win Big
 A Short History of Golf Matt Cleary Greg Norman 9781742579771 New Holland Publishers

'Bloody brilliant.' - Greg Norman

This book tells the magnificent, sometimes tragic, always inspiring stories of the greats of golf and how they lit up the world with their own brands of magic.

Since Old Tom Morris won three of the first four Open Championships in the 1860s at the famous St Andrews course, so many greats have vied for that prize since.

Did you know that...

cena: 489
A Short History of Golf
 The Official History of the Fifa World Cup(tm) Fifa World Football Museum 9781787390188 Carlton Books
The Official History of the FIFA World Cup Book is an authoritative and comprehensive review of the 20 FIFA World Cups to have taken place since the inaugural tournament in 1930.
cena: 940
The Official History of the Fifa World Cup(tm)
 The Football Shirts Book Neal Heard 9781785036651 Ebury Press

They think it's all over . . . it is now, with this comprehensive guide to soccer shirts through the years. From the obscure to the ubiquitous, this book is packed with over 150 original and super rare shirts from the greatest game on earth. Covering everything from the iconic to the unusual, even the most hard-core fans will find out something new about the kit of their favorite team....

cena: 489
The Football Shirts Book
 Uefa European Football Yearbook 2017/18 Uefa 9781780979731 Carlton Publishing Group
The 30th edition of the ultimate reference on European football, The UEFA European Football Yearbook 2017/18 contains everything that a football fan will need to watch their favourite team or country.
cena: 940
Uefa European Football Yearbook 2017/18
 Hockey Drills: Session Ideas and Drills for the Coach Mal Alexander 9781785003226 Crowood Press (UK)
Hockey Drills is a collection of activities and practices designed to enliven and improve coaching sessions at all levels of the game. The drills are organized into chapters according to a particular skill or phase of the game; from the warm up and cool down through ball carrying and receiving, defending, and attacking, to goal scoring and goal-keeping. A vital section on pre-season...
cena: 489
Hockey Drills: Session Ideas and Drills for the Coach
 Mezza Card Game: Dazzle Your Opponents with Tactics and Speed Thomas Michael 9789063694722 Bis Publishers

Based on the popular backpackers' game "Shithead," but with a fun twist. Mezza means "half " in Italian--the game can only be played if the player loses half of their cards as well, but this isn't always easy because the half card can be used in many different ways.

cena: 457
Mezza Card Game: Dazzle Your Opponents with Tactics and Speed
 The Art of Hurling: Insights & Success from the Sideline Daire Whelan 9781781174814 Mercier Press
What makes a great hurling manager, who can turn a team around? Daire Whelan has interviewed some of the best to find out.
cena: 474
The Art of Hurling: Insights & Success from the Sideline
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