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Time Out Amsterdam City Guide: Travel Guide

Amsterdam is renowned as an anything-goes city. But it helps to know where to go.
With the help of expert local writers, Time Out Amsterdam takes you beyond the superficial into the places where the locals work, play and imbibe, providing the lowdown on its museums and galleries, the best eating, shopping and carousing, the most interesting sights, excursions - and, of course - cycling routes.
The revamped Guide continues to chart the ups and downs of this cosy but dynamic city. It retains the street-wise independence and local expertise that the series is known for, while improving many features to help visitors navigate the city.

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Time Out Amsterdam City Guide: Travel Guide
Kategorie: Cestování, Průvodce
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Travel > Europe - Benelux Countries (Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg)
Nakladatel: Time Out
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ISBN-13: 9781780592466
Rok vydání: 2017
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