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Tradecraft Primer: A Framework for Aspiring Interrogators Paul Charles Topalian 9781498751148 CRC Press - ksika


Tradecraft Primer: A Framework for Aspiring Interrogators

Tradecraft Primer: A Framework for Aspiring Interrogators is a timely and relevant reference manual for a new generation of professionals as we enter a new era in our nation s interrogation programs. A must-read for anyone thinking of entering the interrogation profession, whether in law enforcement, the military, or intelligence, it provides fresh insights from the latest empirical-based studies that will enhance your results and contribute to best practices. It challenges past beliefs and legacy interrogation practices of previous generations by capturing novel approaches that no longer rely on physical and psychological coercion, unethical or questionable ruses, or abusive mistreatment. Importantly, this primer also opens the door to valuable lessons from contemporary experts in human motivation and more effective social influence methodologies and tactics while you learn of the art and science behind rapport-building, effective communication constructs, and the influence of interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics for use inside the interrogation room. In addition, it captures the "interrogation cycle" as a handy reference graphic. By reading this primer, you will learn how to reduce incidences of false confessions, mitigate eyewitness misidentification, and gain simple contemporary insights to outsmart liars and discern truth-tellers from deceivers. As an advocate for a sea change in the way our nation s interrogation programs are run and managed, this primer encourages a team approach to interrogations and emphasizes active engagement and oversight by supervisors in efforts to corroborate interrogation outcomes. It also asserts the need for the adoption of a common code of ethics shared among all practitioners an ethical code created in deference to our nation s Constitution, statutes, international treaties, and the policies of our nation s leaders. One that encompasses the pledge and built on two underlying principles: "Do no harm "and" respect human rights.""

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Tradecraft Primer: A Framework for Aspiring Interrogators
Kategorie: Naučná literatura , Právo a státní správa
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Law > Forensic Science
Computers > Security - General
Political Science > Political Freedom & Security - Terrorism
Nakladatel: CRC Press
Jazyk: Anglický
ISBN-13: 9781498751148
Rok vydání: 2016
Počet stran: 156
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