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 The Composer's Advocate: A Radical Orthodoxy for Musicans Erich Leinsdorf 9780300028874 Yale University Press
"An excellent piece of writing, exhibiting splendid communicative sensitivity and command of language, and fully representative of the remarkable mind of the author. . . . A book any musician, or any serious student or concertgoer, will find stimulating, provocative and instructive."
-- Robert C. Marsh, Chicago Sun-Times
"Wise, detailed and valuable book. . . . Should become a set...
cena: 805
The Composer's Advocate: A Radical Orthodoxy for Musicans
 Sing Out Loud, Sing Out Long Irene Bartlett 9783659203152 LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
cena: 2977
Sing Out Loud, Sing Out Long
 Mental'naya Meditsina  9783659134661 LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
cena: 3087
Mental'naya Meditsina
 Small Home, Tiny House: Budget, Design, Estimate, and Secure Your Best Price Jobe David Leonard 9781494751821 Createspace
A how to book for those interested in building a Small or Tiny Home . When you are ready to look at the most important aspects of a project, this is the book for you. I discuss budget, needs, and design. Using the included exercises and worksheets you move through the process. Then I guide you step by step through estimation, design, and ultimately the construction process. This literature is a...
cena: 469
Small Home, Tiny House: Budget, Design, Estimate, and Secure Your Best Price
 A Thing in Disguise Kate Colquhoun 9780007143542 HARPERCOLLINS PUBLISHERS

A brilliantly conceived biography of Joseph Paxton, horticulturist to the Duke & Duchess of Devonshire at Chatsworth, architect of the Crystal Palace at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and one of the greatest unsung heroes of the Victorian Age

In the nineteenth century, which witnessed a revolution in horticulture and urban planning and architecture, Joseph Paxton, a man with no formal...

cena: 312
A Thing in Disguise
 History of Architectural Conservation Jukka Jokilehto 9780750655118 Butterworth-Heinemann
A History of Architectural Conservation expands knowledge about the conservation of ancient monuments, works of art and historic buildings. It includes the origins of the interest in conservation within the European context, and the development of the concepts from Antiquity and the Renaissance to the present day. Jokilehto illustrates how this development has influenced international...
cena: 1702
History of Architectural Conservation
 Modern Painters Volume V John Ruskin 9781499595161 Createspace
cena: 241
Modern Painters Volume V
 Land Use Land Cover Change and Its Impact on Erosion and Runoff Kasaye Alemayehu 9783659716362 LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book contains land use land cover change and its implication on soil erosion and surface runoff in which it has been analyzed and described in context to different scientists of the world and Ethiopian.Therefore, I encourage those who want to conduct their research on this thematic area to use this book. Further this book has contained different important scientific findings on land use land...
cena: 1703
Land Use Land Cover Change and Its Impact on Erosion and Runoff
 Music Inside Out: Going Too Far in Musical Essays John Rahn Benjamin Boretz Norman Bryson 9789057013423 Routledge
First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
cena: 2339
Music Inside Out: Going Too Far in Musical Essays
 DJEMBE BOOK Benedikte Sten Andersen 9788798839347 ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC,
The West African drum: the djembe is a very popular percussion instrument. This title studies the djembe rhythms and techniques that the author recommends as the basic repertoire for a djembe player. It introduces the basic strokes on the djembe and contai
cena: 685
 A Life in a Wooden O: Memoirs of the Theatre Ben Iden Payne 9780300105520 Yale University Press
Ben Iden Payne spent more than seventy years in the theatre in England and America. On his retirement at the age of ninety it was a very different theatre from the one he entered at nineteen on joining Frank Benson's touring Shakespeare company. That change was due in no small part to his own efforts. Payne could point to many experiences that would have guaranteed him a place in the theatre...
cena: 805
A Life in a Wooden O: Memoirs of the Theatre
 Rezhisserskaya Metodologiya Meyerkhol'da  9783659226786 LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
cena: 2784
Rezhisserskaya Metodologiya Meyerkhol'da
 Rock Candy: The Beatles Scott Robinson 9781496021953 Createspace
The Rock Candy series combines pop music scholarship with a sense of fun and entertainment. This entry surveys the best of what is not-so-commonly known about the Beatles, with broad commentary on their creativity, innovation, cultural experimentation, and the scope of their impact on modern music and culture.
cena: 277
Rock Candy: The Beatles
 Chinesische Klassische Musik Richard Reinisch 9783842345027 Books on Demand
Es wurde angestrebt in kompakter Form einen berblick ber die chinesische klassische Musik zu geben. Nach der Musikgeschich-te mit ihren zahlreichen Einfl ssen rund um China, und der Hof-musik wurden die musikalischen Merkmale, wie das Tonsystem und die Melodik untersucht. Bei der Unterteilung der klassischen Instrumente f llt auf, dass die Saiteninstrumente besonders stark vertreten sind, gefolgt...
cena: 515
Chinesische Klassische Musik
 A Contemporary Music Program David Tolley 9783639083897 VDM VERLAG DR. MULLER AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT & CO
This paper describes the development of a new music industry program whose purpose is meant to meet the needs of the following three demands: 1) Sectors of the music industry are nearing extinction and need new and well-prepared leaders to create innovative means of revitalizing business; 2) Traditional schools of music need new program designs to stimulate their declining enrollments; 3)...
cena: 2529
A Contemporary Music Program
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