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 A Dozen a Day Songbook - Book 1: Later Elementary to Early Intermediate Level Carolyn Miller 9781423475637 Willis Music Company
The A Dozen a Day Songbook series contains wonderful Broadway, movie and pop hits that may be used as companion pieces to the memorable technique exercises in the A Dozen a Day series. Also suitable as supplements with ANY method! Songs in Book 1 include: Cabaret * Climb Ev'ry Mountain * Give a Little Whistle * If I Were a Rich Man * Let It Be * Rock Around the Clock * Twist and Shout * The...
cena: 396
A Dozen a Day Songbook - Book 1: Later Elementary to Early Intermediate Level
 Opera for Everybody  9780571224944 Faber and Faber
Susie Gilbert traces the development of ENO from its earliest origins in the darkest Victorian slums of the Cut, where it was conceived as a vehicle of social reform, through two world wars, and via Sadler's Wells to its great glory days at the Coliseum and beyond. Setting the company's artistic achievements within the wider context of social and political attitudes to the arts and the...
cena: 638
Opera for Everybody
 A Player's Guide to Chamber Music Paul Jeffery 9780719814969 Crowood Press (UK)
Chamber music includes some of the world's greatest music. It is widely played in homes, without an audience, by players who are mostly amateurs, and much of the repertoire is playable even by those of quite moderate ability. This guide offers advice on what music is available, and helps the player to identify what is suitable. It covers chamber music from the 17th to the later 20th century, and...
cena: 638
A Player's Guide to Chamber Music
 Treasures of Bob Dylan Southall, Brian 9781787390072
Bob Dylan's groundbreaking work and epochal impact on the art and music scene is encapsulated completely in this book, including coverage of his Nobel Prize for Literature awarded in 2016, making it an essential insight for music and culture fans of all ages.
cena: 788
Treasures of Bob Dylan
 Bach's Numbers: Compositional Proportion and Significance Ruth Tatlow 9781107459694 Cambridge University Press
Ruth Tatlow employs theoretical evidence and practical demonstrations to explain how and why Bach used numbers in his published compositions.
cena: 987
Bach's Numbers: Compositional Proportion and Significance
An anthology of outrageous interviews from the mixed-up, muddled up music scene.
cena: 493
There's Your Quote, Mate: An Anthology of Outrageous Interviews from the Mixed-Up, Muddled-Up Music Scene
 Do You MR Jones?: Bob Dylan with the Poets and Professors Neil Corcoran 9781784706807 Random House UK
In 2016, Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize in Literature 'for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition'. This collection of essays by leading poets and critics examines Dylan's poetic genius, as well as his astounding cultural and musical influence

In 'Ballad of a Thin Man' in 1966, Dylan launched a withering attack on the myopic critic of culture:...

cena: 338
Do You MR Jones?: Bob Dylan with the Poets and Professors
 Psychedelia and Other Colours Rob Chapman 9780571282746 Faber & Faber
In Psychedelia and Other Colours, acclaimed author Rob Chapman explores in crystalline detail the history, precedents and cultural impact of LSD, from the earliest experiments in painting with light and immersive environments to the thriving avant-garde scene that existed in San Francisco even before the Grateful Dead and the Fillmore Auditorium. In the UK, he documents an entirely...
cena: 638
Psychedelia and Other Colours
 Music, Sense and Nonsense: Collected Essays and Lectures  9781785902673 Biteback Publishing
A unique insight into the exceptional mind of one of the outstanding musicians of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
cena: 428
Music, Sense and Nonsense: Collected Essays and Lectures
 The Cambridge Companion to Film Music Mervyn Cooke Fiona Ford  9781107094512 Cambridge University Press
This wide-ranging and thought-provoking collection of specially-commissioned essays provides a uniquely comprehensive overview of the many and various ways in which music functions in film soundtracks. Citing examples from a variety of historical periods, genres and film industries - including those of the USA, UK, France, Italy, India and Japan - the book's contributors are all leading scholars...
cena: 2615
The Cambridge Companion to Film Music
 French Music and Jazz in Conversation: From Debussy to Brubeck Deborah Mawer 9781316633878 Cambridge University Press
This book explores the historical-cultural interactions between French concert music and American jazz across 1900-65, from both perspectives.
cena: 743
French Music and Jazz in Conversation: From Debussy to Brubeck
 Music as Alchemy: Journeys with Great Conductors and Their Orchestras Tom Service 9780571240487 FABER & FABER
How are conductors' silent gestures magicked into sound by a group of more than a hundred brilliant, but belligerent musicians? The mute choreography of great conductors has fascinated and frustrated musicians and music-lovers for centuries. Orchestras can be inspired to the heights of musical and expressive possibility by their maestros, or flabbergasted that someone who doesn't even make a...
cena: 368
Music as Alchemy: Journeys with Great Conductors and Their Orchestras
 Led Zeppelin: The Biggest Band of the 1970s Welch, Chris 9781780979854
Led Zeppelin documents the incredible journey of four talented rockers on the path to musical glory, and reveals the stories behind all of their recordings.
cena: 788
Led Zeppelin: The Biggest Band of the 1970s
 Psychedelic Popular Music: A History Through Musical Topic Theory William Echard 9780253026453 Indiana University Press

Recognized for its distinctive musical features and its connection to periods of social innovation and ferment, the genre of psychedelia has exerted long-term influence in many areas of cultural production, including music, visual art, graphic design, film, and literature. William Echard explores the historical development of psychedelic music and its various stylistic incarnations as a genre...

cena: 987
Psychedelic Popular Music: A History Through Musical Topic Theory
 Mandolin for Seniors Joe Carr 9780786699612 Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
This is a beginning mandolin method. The contents of this book present the fundamentals of playing mandolin in a sequence making the material logical and easy to learn. The primary difference between this method and many others is that this book is written for seniors wanting to learn to play the mandolin. While many would say that getting on in years is only a state of mind, the fact is that...
cena: 379
Mandolin for Seniors
 The Nobel Lecture Bob Dylan 9781501189401 Simon & Schuster
Bob Dylan's speech in acceptance of the Nobel Prize in Literature.
cena: 425
The Nobel Lecture
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