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 Short History of Irish Traditional Music  O hAllmhurain,Gearoid 9781847178732 Pocket Books
The history of Irish traditional music, song and dance from the mythological harp of the Dagda to Riverdance, Lord of the Dance and beyond. Featuring the tradition's finest musicians and international names.
cena: 296
Short History of Irish Traditional Music
 The Cambridge Companion to Film Music Mervyn Cooke Fiona Ford  9781107094512 Cambridge University Press
This wide-ranging and thought-provoking collection of specially-commissioned essays provides a uniquely comprehensive overview of the many and various ways in which music functions in film soundtracks. Citing examples from a variety of historical periods, genres and film industries - including those of the USA, UK, France, Italy, India and Japan - the book's contributors are all leading scholars...
cena: 1642
The Cambridge Companion to Film Music
Fin de siecle Vienna witnessed the emergence of chamber music from the private, domestic sphere into the public and professional arena where it became involved in both musical and national politics. With Wagner's death in 1883 there arose a rivalry between the music of Brahms and Bruckner, and the city's musical life quickly became entangled in the polemic, rhetoric and volatility of contemporary...
cena: 3406
Chamber Music in Vienna 1890-1908
 Bach's Numbers: Compositional Proportion and Significance Ruth Tatlow 9781107459694 Cambridge University Press
Ruth Tatlow employs theoretical evidence and practical demonstrations to explain how and why Bach used numbers in his published compositions.
cena: 777
Bach's Numbers: Compositional Proportion and Significance
Despite the well-known fact that some pieces of Bach's WTC II existed in early forms, there has been no thorough discussion to date as to how the work evolved over the years. Based on an in-depth study of source materials, this book discusses how these sources were produced and how we can use them to evaluate more firmly the origin of the pieces. Tomita and Rastall reveal that the early versions...
cena: 3085
The Genesis and Early History of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 11:Volume 1
 French Music and Jazz in Conversation: From Debussy to Brubeck Deborah Mawer 9781316633878 Cambridge University Press
This book explores the historical-cultural interactions between French concert music and American jazz across 1900-65, from both perspectives.
cena: 793
French Music and Jazz in Conversation: From Debussy to Brubeck
This is the first book to explore the manifestation of myth, magic and mysticism in music since 1920 against a background of the emergent literary movement that has become known as magic realism. The problematic and much debated term, magic realism, has been used in the context of literary and visual arts criticism, as well as that of contemporary cinema, but its relationship to the field of...
cena: 3406
Magic Realism in Music and Literature: The French-Latin American Axis Since 1920
Changes in the construction of musical instruments have always taken place, some with more radical results than others. This book surveys significant twentieth-century developments of Western orchestral and other acoustic instruments, particularly those that offer new forms of expression to composers and performers. Part One of the book provides an overview of wind, brass, string, keyboard and...
cena: 3085
New Instruments for New Music: Recent and Potential Developments of Western Acoustic and Orchestral Instruments

This annotated bibliography uncovers the wealth of resources available on the life and music of John Cage, one of the most influential and fascinating composers of the twentieth-century. The guide will focus on documentary studies, archival resources, scholarly research, and autobiographical materials, and place the composer and his work in a larger context of postmodern philosophy, art and...

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cena: 3085
John Cage: A Research and Information Guide

Free Jazz: A Research and Information Guide offers carefully selected and annotated sources regarding free jazz from 1980 to present day, including academic books and journal articles, dissertations, certain trade books, documentary films, scores, and texts by musicians, as well as Masters theses. Along with this comprehensive annotated listing of print sources, CDs and other sound...

cena: 2925
Free Jazz: A Research and Information Guide
 Music as Alchemy Tom Service 9780571240487 FABER & FABER
Music as Alchemy: Journeys with Great Conductors and their Orchestras, by Tom Service, is an essential exploration of the art of conducting, for any fan of serious classical music.
cena: 392
Music as Alchemy
 Gospel Hymns for Flute: Instrumental Play-Along Hal Leonard Corp 9781495073793 Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
(Instrumental Play-Along). 15 favorites arranged for instrumentalists with professionally-recording backing tracks for play-along fun. Includes: Amazing Grace * Blessed Assurance * In the Garden * Leaning on the Everlasting Arms * The Old Rugged Cross * Shall We Gather at the River? * Sweet by and By * There is Power in the Blood * and more.
cena: 361
Gospel Hymns for Flute: Instrumental Play-Along
cena: 169
 Comedy Songs for Women Hal Leonard Corp 9781495088155 Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
cena: 534
Comedy Songs for Women
 Bassoon Music Lesson Journal Claudia Botterweg 9781541257795 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Use this handy Bassoon Music Lesson Journal to set goals for learning the bassoon each week and keep track of progress. Goal-setting helps form good habits that make learning seem easy and natural. Bassoon teachers can use this stylish private lesson journal to help students stay on task with progressive goals, specific music assignments, and practice tracking. Bassoon students can use the pages...
cena: 245
Bassoon Music Lesson Journal
Schenkerian theory has become recognized internationally as a valuable method of music analysis. But Viennese theorist Heinrich Schenker (1868-1935) also evolved a 'New Teaching' ('die neue Lehre') which was as organic as the theory itself, and as novel in the connections that it sought to draw between the increasingly individuated disciplines of theory, composition, musicology and performance....
cena: 3085
'the New Teaching':Heinrich Schenker's Compositional and Analytical Work with Reinhard Oppel, Hans Weisse and William Furtwangler 1928-1935
 Blank Sheet Music for Piano: Staff Paper Musicians Notebook 12 Stave 104pages / 8x10inch (Composition Books - Music Manuscript Paper) Ella Ruby 9781541388581 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
blank sheet music for piano: Music Manuscript Paper / Staff Paper / Musicians Notebook Dimensions: 21.59 x 27.94 cm (8" x 10"). Interior: - 104 pages of blank music manuscript on thick white paper (minimizes ink bleed-through), - 9 staves per page with thin lines that don't overpower your notation. (The even number means you don't waste a staff if you're going to pair up clefs.), - Music notation...
cena: 194
Blank Sheet Music for Piano: Staff Paper Musicians Notebook 12 Stave 104pages / 8x10inch (Composition Books - Music Manuscript Paper)
 Note Blank Music Sheet for Piano V.2: Blank Note Music for Piano Black & White on White Paper 120 Pages Man Galaxy 9781542312875 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm) Black & White on White paper 120 pages Blank Note music for piano
cena: 195
Note Blank Music Sheet for Piano V.2: Blank Note Music for Piano Black & White on White Paper 120 Pages
 W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan - The Gondoliers: Or the King of Barataria W. S. Gilbert Arthur Sullivan 9781785437274 Stage Door
The partnership between William Schwenck Gilbert and Arthur Seymour Sullivan and their canon of Savoy Operas is rightly lauded by all lovers of comic opera the world over. Gilbert's sharp, funny words and Sullivan's deliciously lively and hummable tunes create a world that is distinctly British in view but has the world as its audience. Both men were exceptionally talented and gifted in their own...
cena: 299
W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan - The Gondoliers: Or the King of Barataria
 101 Hit Songs: For Viola Hal Leonard Corp 9781495075360 Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
(Instrumental Folio). This massive collection will keep instrumentalists busy with 101 pop hits to learn and play Songs include: All About That Bass * All of Me * Brave * Breakaway * Call Me Maybe * Clocks * Fields of Gold * Firework * Hello * Hey, Soul Sister * Ho Hey * I Gotta Feeling * I Will Remember You * Jar of Hearts * Love Story * 100 Years * Roar * Rolling in the Deep * Royals * Say...
cena: 460
101 Hit Songs: For Viola
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